Spain 16 - 23 May 2009: Sepulveda, Pto Navacerrada and Extremadura

The main goal for the eight birders from Stockholm, Sweden, was the steppe birds and raptors of Extremadura. A small detour north of Madrid was also done to add Dupont Lark and Citril Finch to our list of birds. A total of 166 species was observed on this trip.

A rough outline of the tour:

May 16: Madrid-Sepulveda

May 17: Sepulveda area

May 18: Sepulveda - Pto Navacerrada - Entering Extremadura - Almaraz - Trujillo

May 19: Belen Steppe - Madrigalejo

May 20: Caceres Steppe - Monroy - Almaraz

May 21: Madrigalejo - Torrejon El Rubio - Monfrague

May 22: Almaraz - Monfrague

May 23: Monfrague - Jaraciejo - Almaraz - Leaving Extremadura - Madrid

More information:

A report (PDF) in swedish with a detailed list of observations and locations. Bird names also given in english. All locations mentioned in the report can be found in the Google Earth file available below.

A Google Earth file with all the locations mentioned in the PDF report. Requires Google Earth to be installed on your computer. Ladda hem

Google Earth can be downloaded here.

An Excel sheet with a list of all birds seen on this trip. Swedish, english and scientific names. Ladda hem